Modulo and Geoblock: single pour and high load bearing capacity

Installation of Geoplast Modulo, permanent crawl space formwork.

Geoplast Modulo is a modular and single-use formwork system for ventilated crawl spaces which allows the creation of a physical barrier between the ground and the building.

Modulo allows the construction of a reinforced concrete structure provided with a slab and a series of pillars placed at a fixed distance. Such a structure permits a uniform stress distribution all over the surface, thus producing an excellent static and dynamic load-bearing capacity.


Modulo and Geoblock

Thanks to the combination of Modulo with the accessory Geoblock, which works as a side cap of the formwork,  it is also possible to pour at the same time the crawl space slab and the foundation beams. This avoids the necessity of installing, pouring and dismantling the formwork for the foundation beams while reducing construction operations to a single pour, with various cost-effective advantages. Moreover, the single pour produces a higher resistance for the fragile coupling point between the beam and the slab.

The extension Geoblock is adaptable to any worksite situation and is available for every Modulo height. It guarantees numerous advantages:

  • Structural continuity, thanks to the single pour of crawl space and foundation beams;
  • Safety in the worksite, as it is possible to walk all over the formwork, especially along the perimeter, without interruptions;
  • Elimination of the double formwork, because the beams do not need to be formed internally;
  • Compensation adjustability, as the depth of Geoblock can be modified;
  • Distances compensation without cutting the formwork.