“Parco Giardino Sigurtà” in Verona chose Geoflor by Geoplast for Mille Miglia race

Parco Giardino Sigurtà in Verona, chose Geoflor, our green flooring for cars, to create a path for the passage of the vehicles during the famous Mille Miglia, an Italian car race that takes place every year since 1927. During this event, the most renowned sport antique cars parade in many cities in Italy, following the traditional route Brescia-Rome-Brescia.

The event, that is one of the most famous and antique in Italy, took place from May 18 to 21. Every year, people look forward to the passage of the cars in their city as it is an occasion to see and take a photo to beautiful old cars. At the end of the race, cars are awarded in Brescia in Piazza della Loggia.

The passage track created with our grid, was 300 mt long and was divided into two lanes, while the total amount of Geoflor grids used was of 1200 pieces.

A great occasion to prove the versatility and resistance of our grid, that can be used for temporary events like this and be removed later, without damaging the grass that can be protected during the entire event.

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