Hydraulic invariance: the need to disperse/laminate rainwater

waterproofing of the soil

The continuous process of economic evolution and industrialization of society leads to an increasingly frequent waterproofing of the soil. One of the main impacts of this phenomenon is the strong pressure on water resources, which causes changes in the environmental status of water storage basins, affecting ecosystems and the services they provide.

The regions are adopting and formulating a series of local laws on the maintenance of hydraulic invariance, which consists of a principle whereby the transformation of an area must take place without increasing the flood flow of the water body or the drainage network receiving the outflows originating from the area itself.

Hydraulic invariance is not a measure for the restoration and safety of areas subject to hydraulic danger, but rather an elementary criterion of sustainable development that allows the planning of transformations in such a way as not to aggravate existing situations.

For any industrial extension or subdivision of an area, it is therefore necessary to carry out a hydraulic compatibility study to demonstrate that the existing level of hydrogeological danger is not worsened as a result of the new transformation forecasts thanks to the inclusion of basins for the disposal of rainwater.

Geoplast offers a series of products for the dispersion/lamination of rainwater avoiding, if possible, the conveyance of sewerage systems. In particular, the elements Drening and Drainpanel are modules in plastic material with high mechanical resistance that allow rainwater to be dispersed into the ground, preventing flooding of surfaces and contributing to the recharge of aquifers, or the reuse of collected water, to protect and save water resources.

In the case of less permeable soil, it is advisable to adopt a flood lamination system: the use of the New Elevetor Tank can be an excellent solution for the installation of containment tanks with variable heights and high stability. This will prevent flooding in new built-up areas and comply with local regulations on discharge into the sewage system.

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