How Geoplast makes worksites safer

How Geoplast makes worksites safer

Construction site safety is one of the top reasons for our working with plastic. Due to its pliability and lightness, plastic is one of the safest construction materials out there, with multiple advantages over concrete, wood, and metal. Let’s analyze the most notable ones.

Less heavy materials
Instead of relying on heavy materials such as concrete, gravel, and metal, Geoplast has developed lightweight solutions that reduce the need for strenuous physical work.
Example: Modulo weighs less than 4 kg.

Less mechanical equipment
Geoplast products can be handled manually, by individual workers, guaranteeing easy installation and dismantling, without mechanical tools and lifting equipment.
Example: Aquabox is installed simply by manually pressing the modules together.

Less hazardous materials
By reducing the need for toxic and flammable materials such as EPS, glues, and formwork release agents, Geoplast solutions provide a healthier environment for both the workers and future inhabitants of the building.
Example: New Elevetor replaces flammable EPS with void space.

Tidier worksite
Geoplast products are stackable and made of as few parts as possible to create a tidier workplace, with no debris, loose nails, and chemicals scattered around.
Example: A single pallet can hold 100 Skydomes.

Better for confined spaces
Manholes, crawl spaces, and shafts are difficult to work in, especially with heavy equipment. Geoplast solutions allow easy handling, making construction in confined spaces as efficient as possible.
Example: Geopanel has various widths and a 60 cm height for easy handling.

Reduced excavation
Unlike solutions like gravel, Geoplast products can be installed with as little excavation work as possible, minimizing trenching and excavation hazards.
Example: Drainpanel provides a high capacity water accumulation with only a 23 cm height.

Improved ergonomics
Contrary to wood and metal, plastic can be easily molded into ergonomic elements and accessories that are made for workers instead of buildings.
Example: Geotub is equipped with ergonomic handles for the effortless locking of panels.

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