Height adjustments and backfills made easy with our foundation products

Height adjustments can be tricky: slabs usually need raising to up to 1 m height, which is too low for pouring concrete with timber and metal formwork, and too high for using filling materials.

Our foundation products are made of recycled plastic and have none of those issues. They are pre-shaped into light, hollow modules of different heights, to create stable concrete structures and replace tons of gravel and EPS at the same time.

Use these to make your next project easier, more cost-effective, and more sustainable:

1 Minimodulo


Minimodulo is perfect for limited construction heights. It creates void spaces of only 3 to 9 cm, which makes it irreplaceable for renovations, lightening, and ventilation of floors, walls, and roof structures.

2 Matrix


Matrix goes a step up, creating concrete raised floors of 10 to 12 cm in height. Unlike the metal floor alternatives, it provides an intuitive MEP system setup, high load-bearing capacity, and improved acoustics and fire safety.

3 Modulo

Modulo and Multimodulo

Modulo and Multimodulo create ventilated slabs of up to 70 cm. Along with facilitating MEP systems, they also use 3 times less concrete than full slabs, achieving significant savings in construction time, labor, and material.

4 New Elevetor

New Elevetor

New Elevetor is composed of base grills, top formwork, and adjustable vertical tubes of up to 3 m in height. Because of that, it can be utilized for many different tasks, such as backfilling, creating crawl spaces, or building flat and sloped concrete surfaces.

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