Geotub building pilings protect New Jersey house from flooding

Geotub building pilings protect New Jersey house from flooding.

These are a series of villas in the borough of Lavalette in New Jersey. In collaboration with the construction company Messano associates Inc., Geotub was chosen to raise the foundations, in order to defend them from the frequent floodings that chracterize this area, which is sourrounded by Barnegat Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

Geotub allowed the fast and easy construction of round concrete columns under the houses, in order to create a literal passage for the water in the case of an unexpected outbreak of this risky phenomena. Our columns are ideal for marine applications, Geotub was in fact often chosen to build bridges. The columns does not suffer weatherings and extreme metereological events.

The safety of the inhabitants of these houses is guaranteed as Geotub permits the house protection up to 3 mt water rise. (the equivalent of 10 ft. ca.).

A versatile and modular solution, for any need.