Geoplast’s mission is…

We have a long term mission.

We want to change how buildings and infrastructure are built and used. We believe that there is enormous room for innovation and improvement in the architecture, engineering, construction, and management of buildings.

The biggest innovations are to be made in sustainability and profitability of buildings. We believe that large amounts of materials, energy, financial and other resources are wasted in how buildings are designed, made, and used today.

Considering that global construction is drastically accelerating and increasing, if sustainable and financial efficiency is not increased substantial damage can be caused.

This was our mission for more than four decades. Since we started, we created more than 40 products offering hundreds of different solutions, we helped build thousands of projects of all sizes across all continents.

We are thankful to have this opportunity to solve these problems, to share the solutions globally, and to be supported by a global network of suppliers, partners, and clients.

And we look forward to innovating and building for at least another 40 years…