Geoplast Modulo: Frost-heaving protection for cold-storage rooms

The temperature in negative cold storages is maintained between -4° C and -30° C and, unless countermeasures are taken, it is very likely that the cold reaches the ground lowering its temperature to below 0°C. The consequence is the freezing of the soil and a volume growth of the groundwater: this effect, known as frost-heaving, may cause several damages, as cracks or floor deformations and malfunction or even failure of the cold storage room with consequent damages to goods.

The traditional methods to prevent frost-heave are underfloor heating systems (electrical resistances or Pumped Fluid-Glycol) or forced ventilation. These methods have a relatively high initial investment and/or a high life-cycle cost.

Natural ventilation has the advantage of being inexpensive in construction and requiring low if any maintenance. A ventilated crawl space created with Geoplast Modulo, the permanent formwork for crawl spaces and technical voids, is particularly suitable for cold storages as the void is open in all directions: an efficient and reliable natural ventilation is thus guaranteed.

Modulo creates a reinforced concrete structure that is at the same time very efficient in the use of materials and has the high compressive strength required to support the high loads involved in an industrial cold storage service.

Modulo was recently certified by the French Institute CSTB (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment) with the Avis Technique n. 3/16-906: a confirmation of its quality and of the manufacturing company’s technical competence.