Geoplast antiseismic platforms in Amatrice, Italy

Modulo, permanent crawl space formwork, thanks to the accessory Geoblock that serves as a lateral stopper for formworks, allows for the simultaneous casting of foundation slab and beams, with significant advantages in terms of safety, stability, and labor.

Modulo + Geoblock System

The possibility of pouring at the same time the crawl space slab and the foundation beams avoids the necessity of installing, pouring and dismantling the formwork for the foundation beams. The construction operations will thus be limited to a single pour, that involves clear advantages in economic and timing terms. The single pour also gives a higher-strength characteristic to the fragile coupling point between the beam and the slab.

This application has allowed Geoplast participate in the works for the reconstruction of the town of Amatrice, Italy, severely hit by the earthquake on August 24, 2016. With the first two deliveries of material – respectively 700 and 900 pieces of Modulo and Geoblock – it was possible to help the realization of reinforced concrete platforms on which to build the temporary housing. Additional material is ready to leave in the coming months.

Amatrice, Modulo and Geoblock installation

Amatrice, concrete platform