GEOPANEL swimming pools

An interesting application of Geoplast’s formwork for walls

Summer is approaching and there’s no better time to talk about this interesting application of ‪#‎GEOPANEL‬.
In fact, not only can our reusable and modular formwork in ABS be used for concrete walls, but also to build swimming pools!

Here we are in a small town near Padua and #GEOPANEL was chosen to build a swimming pool in a private villa.
Our system was perfect for this project because the client asked for a quick conclusion of the works.
#GEOPANEL is fast and easy to install because of its lightness, it weights 11 kg only and the formwork’s versatility is perfect for the creation of pools.
It is possible to create different configurations easily and customize the swimming pool according to anyone own need.
Moreover, if you wish, different water depths can be obtained, in order to have an area dedicated to diving and an area dedicated to relax.

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