Geopanel Project: Sydney Light Rail sewer system


Sydney Light rail required the construction of a number of large sewer man holes as part of the project, in Moorepark, New South Wales, Australia. The client needed a formwork system capable of self-performing the project in a tight time frame along with the challenges of confined space and live traffic.


Geopanel was the perfect choice to meet the needs of the customer as it is a patented formwork system with a wide range of different size panels, which can be assembled with fast-lock nylon handles. Thanks to the multiple panels combinations, it is possibile to build structures of any size and shape in a very limited space.

Product used

Geoplast’s Geopanel was the perfect solution for the 2500 x 1900 x 2400mm pit, allowing a fast set up in a confined space with no cranes or lifting equipment. Geopanel is a modular plastic formwork for the construction of concrete walls, foundations and columns. It is very versatile on-site, in fact with a resistance of 60km/m2 the panels are very long-lasting and can be dismantled easily and cleaned just with water.

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