GEOPANEL by Geoplast – the plastic panel for walls

Innovative, reliable and easy to use

Today we would like to go back in time and tell you about our innovative formwork for walls ‪#‎GEOPANEL‬.
Over 14 years ago, ‪#‎Geoplast‬ has been the first company to introduce the idea of plastic formwork in the market. Thanks to this experience and to our products ease of use and reliability, we are able to offer high quality products, trusted by customers of 80 countries all over the world.

#GEOPANEL is a reusable and modular formwork in ABS to build concrete walls, foundations and columns that offers also many advantages:
LIGHTNESS: Geopanel weighs only 11 kg and 15 Kg/m²;
RESISTANCE: is supports up to 60 KN/M² of fresh concrete pressure;
SPEED: it can be handled by a single person and dismantled by using just a little water.
With such peculiarities, it is fast and easy to produce structures of any size and shape
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