GEOPANEL is the innovative reusable formwork system in ABS technopolymer for walls by Geoplast.
It is very fast to install: thanks to their low weight
(11 kg at most), the items can be quickly handled in the worksite without having to use cranes or other mechanical lifting devices. GEOPANEL allows therefore to easily create structures of any size and shape with real savings: it can be installed by a single person too, and this means less labor and low operating costs.

Such peculiarity has proven to be decisive in the recent project in Khayelitsha, Cape Town: in collaboration with COBUTE PTY and Sibabalwe Sustainable Property Solutions, 24 square meters of GEOPANEL were used on a stiffener wall, 9 mt high and 8 mt wide in total.

The installation required only one day for each wall, thanks to the efficient workforce easily trained to the best use of our product by Geoplast SA and Cobute.
Moreover GEOPANEL is extremely versatile: the ABS of which it is made substitutes efficiently the traditional timber, steel and alluminium shutters, and can be used not only with concrete, but also with other types of eco-friendly materials, such as rammed earth (with 6% lime) or hemp.