Few interesting facts about some of our products

We have over 40 successful products in our range. Each was invented to improve a particular aspect of the construction process: to save time, material, and money, or make things easier for the workers. Here are a few of their features we found the most interesting.


Geopanel: intuitive setup and versatility

Geopanel was designed for intuitive setup. Unlike timber and metal formwork, it can be used by anyone anywhere, with no limits to its use – it can be utilized for pouring foundations, walls, columns, beams, and even art stone patterns.


Aquabox: high capacity and easy assembly

Aquabox combines high retention capacity with an extremely easy assembly. Instead of using gravel, which has more stone than void space, or concrete basins, which require pouring, rebar, machinery, and fittings – place Aquabox modules together and you are done.


Skyrail: seismic reduction and cost savings

Skyrail is the most cost-effective way to build a slab. It reduces the amount of concrete in slabs by 30%, which decreases its use in lower structural elements, achieving seismic mass reduction and cost savings in the entire building.


Drainroof: green surfaces and runoff prevention

Drainroof is the most versatile green roof product out there. Along with being used for extensive and intensive roofs on flat or sloped surfaces, it also protects the waterproofing membrane and retains rainwater to prevent runoff.


Runfloor: load resistance and permeability

Runfloor is a sustainable alternative to asphalt, which seals the city, causing floods and heat islands. It combines a 600 tons per m2 load resistance with 89% permeability, successfully replacing paved surfaces with green areas.

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