We are not afraid of ice and snow. Even the most rigid temperatures of the Russian steppe can’t stop us.
We went to the Moskow Oblast, which with more than 6 million inhabitants (excluding the capital) is one of the smallest but most densely populated and industrialized regions of the entire Russian Federation. It’s an area in great expansion, nevertheless still lacking adequate infrastructure.

It was the case of the private villa we worked in, one of the rare houses that dot the Meščëra lowlands, a depressed area where the natural drainage of surface water is insufficient and often leads to the creation of swamps. Due to the absence of an adequate connection to the sewerage system, domestic sewage didn’t homogeneously infiltrate into the ground, stagnating on the surface and causing the formation of unpleasant odors.

Geoplast has the perfect solution for these problems: DRENING REFLUE, a particular application of the eponymous product which allows a smooth, controlled disposal of pretreated wastewater into the underground. The system we laid was composed of about 60 pieces, which were placed within an excavation previously paved with a layer of gravel, which facilitates water infiltration into the soil. After the installation, the system was covered with more gravel and then backfilled.

Thanks of its lightweight and speed of installation (with overlapping locking system), DRENING is extremely easy to install, even by unqualified people. Moreover, a very important feature, especially in this case, is the material in which it is produced: regenerated PEHD, an extremely robust and resistant material, able to withstand the large thermal excursion of the region.

Another successful achievement, with Geoplast products!

Nicola Mengardo
Eng. Davide Noro