Drainroof case study: a new luxury residence in Bantry Bay, Cape Town

Drainroof, Geoplast high-performance green roof drainage board, has been selected for a new luxury residence in Bantry Bay, Cape Town. As its name signifies, Bantry Bay lies perched on the rocks overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in one of the most exclusive bays on the Atlantic Seaboard. Crashing waves, magnificent sunsets and protection from the wind make Bantry Bay a sought and appreciated area.

Drainroof was installed by Landscape Art, Garden & Home Center and allowed to realize a 350 sqm roof garden designed by Terra + Landscape Architects, a Landscape Architectural practice which undertakes to develp projects that are environmentally responsible, resilient and sustainable.

Our enviro-friendly solution offers a high rainwater disposal capability, avoiding stagnation and protecting the waterproofing layer. Drainroof high load capacity allows the creation of any type of garden, extensive light gardens and more usable intensive gardens. The panels of two different heights, 6 and 2.5 cm, allow the ventilated crawl space to grow and they also help to limit the coverage thickness.

Drainroof was the perfect choice for this project, as it allowed to quickly create an easy-to-maintain roof garden while offering total protection of the waterproofing, with water storage facilities in the “legs” of the dome-shaped modular elements.

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