Drainpanel chosen for the realization of a drainage basin at the University Campus in Jolanda di Savoia, Italy

University Campus of Jolanda di Savoia, Italy: Geoplast Drainpanel was used to create a lamination and infiltration basin.

Drainpanel is a modular element in regenerated polypropylene designed for the creation of underground stormwater management basins. Drainpanel can be used to create either a retention or an infiltration basin in order to subsequently reuse the water. Thanks to its high mechanical resistance, Drainpanel can be installed also under heavy trafficked areas because the basin can be developed at greater depths under the ground.

Installation of Drainpanel in Jolanda di Savoia, Italy.

Recently Drainpanel was used to create a drainage basin with a surface of 300 m² and a capacity of 400 m³ at the University Campus in Jolanda di Savoia, Italy,

Our product was the best solution for this project, as the available space was little, and it allowed the creation of a basin developed on more overlapped levels and, therefore, more extended in depth than in surface. It also satisfied the need for speed on site, thanks to its fast and simple installation, which is done just by overlapping of the elements, rotated 90° with respect to one another. Weighing less than 13 kg, the modules could be manually handled without using mechanical devices.

Drainpanel can be overlapped until the creation of system that develops itself in-depth.

Drainpanel is a valid alternative to gravel systems when creating trenches or rainwater draining areas. The structure of the panel guarantees a regular void ratio which is 3 times higher than the gravel one (the cone-shaped elements are hollowed inside and can be easily filled with water). In this way, a high storage capacity is guaranteed and the digging volume can be contained.

Drainpanel innovative design permits the easy stacking of the elements and consequently the reduction of the space used for the storage and transport of the materials.