BASKET: the Italian team in Cagliari

Eurobasket is a championship organised by FIBA Europe.

The Eurobasket 2015 edition, was the 39th. It took place in four different countries (Croatia, France, Germany, and Latvia), making it the first EuroBasket held in more than one country. It started on 5 September and ended on 20 September.

During the qualification match between the Italian National Team and the Russian National Team that took place at PalaPirastu, the main Sport Hall of Cagliari city, were used 510 sqm. of Gripper Outdoor Sport to create a basketball court outside the centre. Here, took place many warm-up matches of 3vs3 basketball.

A great occasion to introduce Gripper to the world of professional basketball. Gripper is Geoplast’s surface designed to be multidisciplinary and guarantee fun and safety in every sport.

It is particularly ideal for a sport like basket, that requires rapidity, ease of dribble and the right adherence to change direction without difficulties. In fact, Gripper structure allows shock absorption, improving the performance in respect to an harder surface, like a concrete one.

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