Since 1998 Geoplast protect you and your house, starting from the foundations.

We always instinctively try to put barriers between us and the outside world, with its multiple threats. What we ignored for a long time is the presence of an invisible danger that threatens us from within our own homes: it is a silent killer, who sows lethal radiation in our environment. His name is Radon, a carcinogenic gas that rises naturally from the ground and accumulates in the lower floors of the building we inhabit. Prolonged exposure to this radioactive substance means certain death.

We of Geoplast accepted the challenge and we got involved with you to deal with it, day after day, looking for a tool which would allow to effectively counter the threat of Radon. Our curiosity grew with the company, and our passion drove us further, to learn more and more. Until the day finally came, when our R&D Department developed the ultimate solution to eliminate this problem: Geoplast’s workhorse is MODULO, a resistant plastic product (polypropylene) for the construction of safe foundations, which disperse Radon in the atmosphere, without harmful consequences for humans and the environment.

From today, the fear of Radon is no longer a threat: for us of Geoplast, your health is at the base of everything.

Nicola Mengardo