Aquabox CSTB certificate

Aquabox CSTB certificate

We are glad to announce that Geoplast has fulfilled the requirements for the CSTB certification, now in the approval stage, of Aquabox – our recycled plastic module for the construction of stormwater management basins.

The certification involved submitting a Technical Appraisal (ATec) report composed of a series of tests done by accredited international laboratories according to the EU standards.

The tests were done on sample modules of Aquabox HP, 750 x 750 x 800 mm.

MFPA short-term compression test

Aquabox can withstand short-term vertical loads of over 45 tons/m2, which equals the weight of the largest 6-axle truck

In 2021, we commissioned the MFPA laboratory to perform short-term compression tests on Aquabox according to CIRIA 737D and UNI EN 17150:2019 standards. The test was done by applying steel plate loads onto 3 Aquabox test modules until failure, in order to understand their maximum load capacity.

KIWA long-term compression test

Aquabox can withstand long-term vertical loads of over 11.5 tons for more than 50 years

In 2023, the KIWA laboratory was commissioned to assist us in performing long-term compression tests on Aquabox in our internal TestRoom, in line with the UNI EN 17151:2019 EU standard. The test was done by applying steel and concrete slab loads onto several Aquabox test modules until reaching over 4.380 and up to 6.500 hours.

KIWA material properties tests

Aquabox recycled plastic material meets the extensive quality requirements of the EU standards

In 2022, the KIWA laboratory was also commissioned to subject Aquabox to a diverse series of tests in order to determine the material properties of its modules:

We have also performed several other quality assessments on Aquabox, including the RINA certification and Geoplast lab testing.

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