A new tubing track with Geoski near Warsaw in Poland


The municipality of Kampinos near Warsaw, in Poland wanted to add a new attraction in this entartainment park near Kampinos Forest. Kampinos is a well-known tourist site, because of its National Park, which is one of the 23 parks found in Poland and a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. In order to increase family tourism and visits during summer, the new attraction should have had different and unique characteristics to offer an additional reason to enjoy the site.


Geoski, Geoplast’s plastic surface, was ideal for this purpose because it permitted the creation of a 120 meters long tubing track. Our solution is a sysntethic surface made of HD PE,  designed to create a snow-tubing downhill without the need of snow, that offers the same sensation of a freshly groomed track at any temperature or altitude, without the need for maintenance.

Product used

For this aim were used 230 sqm of Geoski, which were laid easily and quickly on the selected area, making the track available for use only a few days after installation. The descent is also provided with three parabolic curves, a ski-lift for easier ascent and an elevated area dedicated to the start of the tubings. Geoski is resistant to all weather condition (UV-rays, rain, snow, ice), offers an optimal glide, thanks to the special product’s conformation and guarantees a safe descent, thanks to the raised edges along the entire trail.

The track has no limits both in terms of fun and children who can go down on it. During very crowded days more than a hundred kids can get on and off the track safely for as many times as they want.


The work was commissioned by the municipality of Kampinos, that really appreciated the choice made. In fact Geoski met its need for the creation of an attraction suitable for both kids and adults that could be used 365 days a year. A good choice to enjoy tubing even in Summer, when snow lacks.

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