Water Drainage District Alessandria 2000, Italy

Solutions applied
Products used
Project size
  • 8300 m2

Alessandria 2000 is a project that aims to fully exploit the potential of the area while bringing new life into the pre-existing urban, social and productive system. An enhanced and optimized road network fully integrated with the existing one, conference facilities, exhibition spaces, offices, shops and a new residential lot.

The problem of large volumes of stormwater to be disposed of (4,500 m3), related to the prohibition by the drainage consortium to dispose of in sewage and drainage channels of the area, has been solved with the construction of 3 underground storage tanks. Each tank, made with Drening, has set up a temporary catchment for rainwater coming from roofs, yards, and streets, which is emptied by simple natural infiltration into the ground, so avoiding discharge into existing sewers, which are considered undersized.

To construct the tanks 8.644 of Drening pieces were used in total (equivalent to approximately 8.300 square meters surface), placed at a depth of 290 cm due to a bank of impermeable clay that extended to 2 m below the ground level and that would have hampered the infiltration. This layer was removed and then repositioned as overlapping.

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