Vadikoru residential and business complex, Istanbul, Turkey

Solutions applied
Products used
Project size
  • 80000 m2

Recently, 80.000 sqm of New Nautilus Evo, our permanent void former for lightweight bidirectional slabs were chosen in Turkey for the construction of Vadikoru, a new Residential and Business Centre. The project was commissioned by Invest Eba and our Turkish distributor ABS Yapı Elemanları and will arise in Kemerburgaz district, in Istanbul.

Vadikoru will be a modern and luxury complex provided with 242 apartments, 84 offices, and 12 commercial units. The building will create an impeccable living space, complemented by common areas such as shopping malls, car parks and green spots, placed in a very eco-friendly location, surrounded by the famous Belgrad forest.

The complex will also offer a perfect and safe living environment with a 24/7 security service, Spa’s, fitness rooms, swimming pools, children’s parks, meeting rooms, and hiking parks. It will also be safer because of New Nautilus Evo that was used to build its slabs.

New Nautilus Evo is designed to lighten reinforced concrete slabs poured on-site. It guarantees both the slab’s lightening and the seismic mass reduction. That’s why it is ideal for multi-story and very large buildings.

The presence of a plastic lightening element in the slab allows obtaining a cable structure without casting. In this way, it is possible to realize decks with large spans and flat intrados, lightened and able to withstand important loads, with a reduction in consumption of concrete evaluable up to 25-30%. Beams and pulvines can be placed within the slab section (thickness elements) in order to create wide slabs with a high architectural flexibility and without structure obligations. New Nautilus Evo system is created with recycled materials, it is easy and fast to place in the construction site and sustains all the structure. 

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