Linate Airport draining Car Park, Milan, Italy

Solutions applied
Project size
  • 400 m3

Drening, Geoplast plastic tunnel for rainwater infiltration and attenuation, was chosen to build a new parking lot at the service of Linate Airport in Milan, Italy. 2.250 Drening pcs. were employed to build three rainwater basins installed under the car park. Our product allowed minimal invasive interventions and was very useful to manage rainwater and prevent floodings.

The project planned also the creation of two roundabouts, with underground basins for rainwater collection and disposal in the subsoil. Geoplast Drainpanel was particularly suitable for this purpose, as it allows realizing basins and draining trenches developed on more overlapped levels and, therefore, mostly deep. The two basins consisted of stacked modules up to seven and eight levels, for a total volume of respectively 150 and 250 m³.

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