Coin Fashion Store, Milan, Italy

Solutions applied
Products used
Project size
  • 183 m2

Coin, an upmarket Italian department store, has chosen to make their indoor walls green with Geoplast’s Wall-Y modular grids for growing vertical gardens in their flagship shop, located in the heart of fashion — Milan.

The store was designed with imposed space constraints and uses a ramp to link the two levels of the store. The green backdrop was needed to give customers a sense of space.  Wall-Y modular grids were the natural choice to cover a wide surface area without reducing the limited space even further.

Wall-Y high-resistance grid panels come in two colors — white and green, with pot accessories in the same color variant. The structure of the grids provides ventilation and also assists with plant growth. While the grids can be used outdoors due to being UV and bacteria resistant, their design also makes them ideal as an interior décor element.

In total, Coin covered around 183m² of vertical gardens with white grids and 110 pots. 

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