Botanical Garden, Padua, Italy

Solutions applied
Products used

Built in 1545, the oldest University Botanical Garden in the world is located in the middle of the historic center of Padua. In 2010, the garden was the subject of an extension project promoted by the University of Padua, which led to the addition to the historic area of a new surface area of 15 hectares dedicated to 1300 plant species from all over the world.

In this occasion was chosen Modulo of Geoplast, the permanent formwork system for ventilated foundations to build the foundations of one of the buildings in the new area.

Modulo physically separates the building from the ground through the creation of a monolithic structure with high load-bearing stability and excellent seismic resistance.  Moreover, it is ideal for buildings which contain plants, as in this case, because it allows an excellent thermal insulation, thanks to the control of natural convection.


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