Rigenerazione, verde urbano e resilienza idrologica

R. Pelorosso - Tuscia University, Antonio Leone - Salento University, Francesca Calace - Politecnico di Bari

Climate change and urbanization increasing lead to the unsustainable environment of modern city, with increasing of floods and urban heat island. Then, new urban development strategies and land management models are essential and, with this aim, several Best Management Practices (BMPs) were developed. BMPs are usually multifunctional structures (e.g. wetland, ponds, green roofs etc.) that can allow climate regulation and rainfall runoff (and then water quality), together with aesthetic/amenity, recreational and educational benefits. Contemporarily, they provide suitable habitat for species, bringing to the maintenance of biodiversity, and enhance the urban quality of life and social interaction. The experience described in the present paper shows the possibility to reduce sharply the runoff load on the urban drainage network, thank to a specific BMP (a raingarden) positioned in a strategic position. In this way, guidelines for new green area standard and urban regeneration can be stressed.

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