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New Nautilus Evo project: lightweight car park slabs for the new O’ Vives station in Geneva

The new O’ Vives station is part of the renovation of the popular and homonymous district in the centre of Geneva. It will be one of the stops of the newest Leman Express, a local railway line that will transport about 50,000 commuters every day.

This station will be the epicentre of a grand-scale project, involving the building of shops, apartments, sports centers, restaurants, bistro.  A veritable mini-city in the heart of the city.

INGENI, a major player in the Swiss structural engineering industry, chose the New Nautilus Evo technical solution for the underground car-park slabs.

INDUNI, among the main construction companies in Switzerland, is fully sastisfied by the performance of the New Nautilus Evo void formers as the productivity was completely identical to a full-concrete slab. Additionally the compact packaging of the elements occupied very little space in the construction site.

This solution from Geoplast is in fact perfectly in tune with the Swiss building tradition, which favours solid plate concrete structures. New Nautilus Evo allowed an overall weight reduction of the floors of about 20%, thus avoiding the need for drop-beams. The reduction in the amount of concrete translated into an overall reduction of CO2 involved in the construction. Sustainibility is further ensured by the use of 100% recycled material for the production of the plastic elements.

Convenience, effective project time-management and technical realiability are key elements to the success of the O’Vives project, and Geoplast is proud to be part of it.

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