In its 40 years of activity, Geoplast followed a path of constant growth, enthusiasm, insights and evolution. This successful journey began in 1974 when the Pegoraro family established a business dealing with the regeneration of low- and high-density polyethylene and polypropylene.


At a time in which the regeneration processes were hardly known, the Pegoraro family became the pioneers in the field of plastic materials, standing out soon for the excellent quality of their products, obtained through innovative regeneration processes. Their entrepreneurial drive and uprightness in running the business have greatly contributed to making it successful over the years.


Geoplast was born from an intuition of its founder, who believed that MODULO, the formwork for ventilated foundations, was one of the most important innovations in the building industry. Today the company is a leading industrial group in the production of plastic products. It is structured in 7 different departments, to each of which specific skills, resources and investments in R&D are dedicated: Construction, Formwork, Slabs, Water, Green, Sport and Environment.


The company facilities are situated in three plants covering a total surface of 40.000 m², 10.000 m² of which are under cover. There are 25 manufacturing lines: 2 regeneration lines and 21 high-tonnage injection-moulding presses with capacity from 700 tons to 3500 tons clamp force and injection capacity of up to 61 kg. With a production throughput capacity of over 25.000 tons of transformed plastic material and over 20 million parts produced per year, Geoplast is among the most important companies in the industry.

Geoplast Corporate Engineer


Geoplast design team dedicates every day to plan and design new products in tune with specific market requests and the most varied requirements. There are 30 patented products, and at least three are new ones being added every year. Within the Research & Development Department, a team of qualified engineers and technicians develops innovative technological solutions in the context of a wide and diversified market aiming at continuous improvement. The source of inspiration of all this is the ongoing relationship with clients, designers, and operators, which enables an excellent understanding of their requirements.

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The mission of Geoplast is the study and development of products and solutions to support the environment and the human well-being.

Human Resources are essential for the growth of the company. Constant teamwork, enthusiasm, and desire to grow, led Geoplast to achieve significant results in Italy and all around the world.

Geoplast Corporate Transport


Geoplast’s market approach bases its strength on an accurate customer assistance service, along with the efficiency of the manufacturing chain and a flexible distribution network. Every area of the company is guaranteed by qualified staff who focus on listening to the customers, avoiding problems, planning each stage of the workflow and finding the right solution for every project. The punctuality of services is guaranteed by several trucks of its own to always ensure reliability and quality.

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